Use Magic system as is unless specifically specified as a change.

Double SPs/level.
No somatic, verbal, or material components needed. Think “Dark City.” Good movie.
Half cast time for all(does not affect Spell Fatigue calculation)(minimum 1 second).
No memorizing 1 spell/level for 1/2 cost.
Fatigue kicks in about 30 seconds after last aggressive action(when adrenaline calms down).
Fatigue lasts twice as long.

1 hour of bed rest = 10% pool return
8 hours straight bed rest = 100%

HackFrenzy and Hacklust:
All psionic powers are fair game. Hackfrenzy wants to slaughter everyone like Carrie because they hurt you. Hacklust you want to bath in their blood like Carrie only you’ll enjoy it. Fatigue gained in this way lasts a number of minutes instead of seconds. After HackFrenzy, you’re comatose for the duration of Fatigue + time spent frenzied in addition to the fatigued state it normally induced by coming out of Hackfrenzy.


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